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Library Catalogue - Subject - Theology

Ambler, Rex

The End of Words, Issues in Contemporary Quaker Theology

Ambler, Rex

The End of Words, Issues in Contemporary Quaker Theology with Creeds and the Search for Unity

Armstrong, Karen

A History of God

Armstrong, Karen

The Case for God: What Religion Really Means

Baillie, D M

God was in Christ: An Essay on Incarnation and Atonement

Benson, Lewis

What did George Fox Teach about Christ?

Boulton, David

Godless for God's Sake

Bowden, John

Jesus: the Unanswered Questions

Breckenridge, Ian

Reclaiming Jesus

Buber, Martin

I and Thou

Dawkins, Richard

The God Delusion

Dodd, C H

The Founder of Christianity

Dunn, James D

The Evidence for Jesus

Eagleton, Terry

Reason, Faith, and Revolution: Reflections on the God Debate

Forman, Robert K C

Meister Eckhart: Mystic as Theologian

Fox, Matthew

Original Blessing

Fox, Matthew

The Coming of the Cosmic Christ

Freeman, A

God in Us

Geering, Lloyd

Christianity Without God

Hanson, A & R

Reasonable Belief: a Survey of the Christian Faith

Haughton, Rosemary

The Knife Edge of Experience

Hick, John (ed.)

The Myth of God Incarnate

Hill, Symon

The No-Nonsense Guide to Religion

Holloway, Richard

Crossfire: Faith and Doubt in an Age of Certainty

Holloway, Richard

Doubts and Loves: What is left of Christianity

Jenkins, Daniel

Beyond Religion: the Truth and Error in 'Religionless Christianity'

Jenkins, David & Rebecca

Free to Believe

Jenkins, David E

God, Miracle and the Church of England

Jenkins, David E

Still Living with Questions

Kung, Hans


Kung, Hans

On Being a Christian

Lampen, John

Twenty Questions about Jesus

Lewis, C.S.

Fern Seed and Elephants

Livingstone, E A

The Concise Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church

McGrath, Alister

The Dawkins Delusion? Atheist Fundamentalism and the Denial of the Divine

McManners, John (ed.)

Oxford History of Christianity

Mehta, Ved

The New Theologian

Moreton, Cole

Is God Still an Englishman?

Morin, Dominique

How to Understand God

Morton, Dorothy

Jesus: A Reassessment

Murray-Rust, David M

God in the Universe

Neill, Joyce


Pittenger, Norman

Picturing God

Priestland, Gerald

The Case Against God

Robinson, John A T

But That I Can't Believe!

Robinson, John A T

Honest to God

Robinson, John A T

The New Reformation

Robinson, John A T & Edwards, David L

The Honest to God Debate

Ruden, Sarah

Paul Among the People

Spong, John Shelby

A New Christianity for a New World

Spong, John Shelby

Jesus for the Non-Religious

Spong, John Shelby

Why Christianity must Change or Die

Tillich, Paul

The New Being

Tillich, Paul

The Shaking of the Foundations

Vermes, Geza

Jesus the Jew

Ward, Keith

A Vision to Pursue: Beyond the Crisis in Christianity

Ward, Keith

The Rule of Love

Warren, Jeanne

Becoming Real

Wiles, Maurice

The Remaking of Christian Doctrine

Williams, Rowan

The Edge of Words

Wilson, A N

How Can We Know?

Wilson, A N