Aylsham Local Meeting

Library Catalogue - Subject - Spirituality

Ambler, Rex

Light to Live By

Ashworth, Timothy & Wildwood, Alex

Rooted in Christianity, Open to New Light

Barter, Dorin

Grace Abounding

Boulton, David

The Trouble with God

Cell, Edward (ed.)

Daily Readings from Quaker Spirituality

Committee on Eldership & Oversight

This is Who I Am: Listening with Older Friends

Dawes, J et al

The Quest: Exploring a Sense of Soul

Ferre, Nels F S

Strengthening the Spiritual Life

Foster, Richard

Celebration of Discipline

Furlong, Monica

Contemplating Now

Grubb, Martyn

Truth and God

Hall, Francis B

Practical Spirituality

Jenkins, David E

God, Jesus and Life in the Spirit

Jones, Rufus M

A Dynamic Faith

Kavanagh, Jennifer

The World is Our Cloister: a Guide to the Modern Religious Life

Kelly, Thomas

A Testament of Devotion

Kelly, Thomas

The Eternal Promise

King, Peter

Dark Night Spirituality

Lacey, Paul A

Nourishing the Spiritual Life

Lacout, Pierre

God is Silence

Lampen, John

Finding the Words: Quaker Experience and Language

Leonard, Alison

Telling our Stories: Wrestling with a Fresh Language for the Spiritual Journey

Loring, Patricia

Listening Spirituality

Loring, Patricia

Spiritual Discernment

MacCormack, Carol (ed.)

There is Another World But it is This One

MacKenna, Richard

God for Nothing

Macmurray, John

Search for Reality in Religion

Marsden, Lorna

The Prepared Heart

Marsden, Lorna M

The Unchangeable Power

Nayler, James

Milk for Babes: and Meat for Strong Men

Nesfield-Cookson, Bernard

Rudolf Steiner's Vision of Love

Parker Rhodes, Damaris

The Way Out is the Way In

Pink Dandelion, Ben (ed.)

God the Trickster?

Quoist, Michael

The Christian Response

Rowe, Dorothy

Time on our Side

Saxon Snell, Beatrice

A Month with Isaac Pennington

Saxon Snell, Beatrice

Stepping Stones to Worship

Sharp, Joseph

Living Our Dying: Reflections on Mortality

Singh, Tara

A Course in Miracles - A Gift for all Mankind

Smith, Bradford

Dear Gift of Life

Smith, Cyprian

The Way of Paradox

Smith, Rosalind

Quakers and the Spiritual/Psychic Dimension

Stella, Tom

The God Instinct

Strong, Mary (ed.)

Letters of the Scattered Brotherhood

Teasdale, Wayne

The Mystic Heart

Wall, Ginny

Deepening the Life of the Spirit: Resources for Spiritual Practice

Ward, Leila

An Exercise of the Spirit: Quakers and Prayer

Ward, Leila

Both To Will and To Do

Waterfield, Robin (ed.)

Streams of Grace

Wildwood, Alex

Tradition and Transition: Opening to the Sacred Yesterday and Today

Yungblut, John R

The Gentle Art of Spiritual Guidance