Aylsham Local Meeting

Library Catalogue - Subject - Social and Political

Anderson, Luke

Genetic Engineering Food and Our Environment

Archbishop of Canterbury's Commission on Urban Priority Areas

Faith in the City

Barclay, William

Ethics in a Permissive Society

Barnes, Kenneth

A Vast Bundle of Opportunities

Beder, Sharon

Global Spin

Belton, Teresa

Happier People Healthier Planet

Blamires, David, et al

This We Can Say

Blamires, David

Pushing at the Frontiers of Change

Braithwaite, Constance

Conscientious Objection to Compulsions under the Law

Braungart, Michael & McDonough, William

Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things

Britton, Margaret

The Single Woman in the Family of God

Brown, Peter & Garver, Geoffrey

Right Relationship: Building a Whole Earth Economy

Burtt, Fiona (ed.)

When the Wind Changes

Cain, Susan

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking

Churches National Housing Coalition

People Need Homes

Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers

The Use of Children as Soldiers in Africa

Cockcroft, John, et al

Questions of Integrity

Committee on Eldership & Oversight

Committed Relationships

Corbett, Jim

The Sanctuary Church

Curle, Adam

To Tame the Hydra

Dale, Jonathan, and others

Faith in Action: Quaker Social Testimony

Eagleton, Terry

On Evil

Fox, Richard with Brown, Heather

Creating a Purposeful Life

Furlong, Monica


Glazer, Daphne

Trespass and Trust

Glover, Mary R

The Retreat, York

Glover, Sue

Beneath the Croatian Sky

Hardisty, Eirene, et al

What Can We Say About Child Sexual Abuse?

Hegde, Pandurang

Chipko & Appiko

Heron, Alastair (ed.)

Towards a Quaker View of Sex

Jacobs, Michael

Politics of the Real World

Jenn, Mike

Homelessness: What Can I Do

Johnston, Alex & Porritt, Jonathan


Kavanagh. Jennifer

Simplicity Made Easy

Kent, Bruce, et al

Christians and Nuclear Disarmament

Living Witness Project

Walk Cheerfully, Step Lightly

Loukes, Harold

Readiness for Religion

Lunn, Arnold & Lean, Garth

The New Morality

Montefiore, Hugh (ed.)

The Gospel and Contemporary Culture

Nicholson, Frederick J

Quakers and the Arts

Penn, William

An Essay towards the Present and Future Peace of Europe

Pinker, Steven

The Better Angels of Our Nature

Priestland, Gerald

Priestland Right and Wrong

Pryce, Vicky


Quaker Council for European Affairs

Paying for Peace

Quaker Lesbian & Gay Fellowship

Part of the Rainbow

Quaker Lesbian & Gay Fellowship

Speaking our Truth

Quaker Nuclear Energy Group

Nuclear Energy

Quaker Peace & Social Witness

Role Over?

Quaker Peace & Social Witness

A Living Quaker Witness to the Earth

Quaker Social Responsibility & Education

Learners All

Redfern, Keith & Collins, Sue

Relative Experience

Rhymes, Douglas

No New Morality

Schumacher, E F

Small is Beautiful

Shapiro, Eddie & Debbie (eds.)

Voices from the Heart

Temple, William

Christianity and the Social Order

Toynbee, Polly & Walker, David

Unjust Rewards: Ending the Greed that is Bankrupting Britain

Ward, Keith

The Turn of the Tide

Wuyts, Anita

Human Rights in the European Union