Aylsham Local Meeting

Library Catalogue - Subject - Quakerism

Allen, R

Silence and Speech

Allen, Richard

Yours in Friendship

Allott, S

The Quakerism of Experience

Ambler, Rex

The Quaker Way a rediscovery

Arriens, Jan

Journeys in the Light

Australia Yearly Meeting

This We Can Say

Barnes, Kenneth C

The Future of the Society of Friends

Blackham, H J & Loukes, H

Humanists and Quakers

Book of Discipline Revision Committee

Questions and Counsel

Braithwaite, Wm C

The Beginnings of Quakerism

Braithwaite, Wm C

The Second Period of Quakerism

Brinton, Howard

Ethical Mysticism in the Society of Friends

Britain Yearly Meeting

Quaker Faith and Practice

Britain Yearly Meeting

Quaker Faith and Practice [large print]

Cairns , Adrian

Of One Heart Diverse Mind

Castle , Edgar

Approach to Quakerism

Committee on Eldership & Oversight

Moving into Membership

Committee on Eldership & Oversight

Quality and Depth of Worship and Ministry

Committee on Eldership & Oversight

Funerals and Memorial Meetings

Conti, Angelica et al. (eds)

Spirit Rising: Young Quaker Voices

Creasey, Maurice A

Prospect for Quakerism

Cronk, Sandra L

Gospel Order

Denley, Janette & Roylance, Gill

Holding Up a Mirror to the Religious Society of Friends

Doncaster , L Hugh

The Quaker Message: a Personal Affirmation

Durham, Geoffrey

Being a Quaker

Durham, Geoffrey

The Spirit of the Quakers

Finch, Suzanne

A Quaker Testimony to the Earth

Freiday, Dean (ed.)

Barclay's Apology in Modern English

Friends General Conference Religious Education Committee

Opening Doors to Quaker Worship

Friends Home Service Committee

Quaker Findings

Friends World Committee on Consultation

Faith in Action

Fryer, Jonathan

George Fox and the Children of the Light

Gillman, Harvey

A Light that is Shining

Gillman, Harvey

A Portrait of Friends

Gillman, Harvey

Spiritual Hospitality

Gillman, Harvey & Heron, Alastair (ed.)

Searching the Depths on Being a Quaker Today

Glover, Sue

Go and the Lord Go with Thee!

Gorman, George

Introducing Quakers

Gorman, George

The Amazing Fact of Quaker Worship

Green, Thomas

Preparation for Worship

Greenwood , John Ormerod

Quaker Encounters, Vol 1: Friends and Relief

Halliday, R

Mind the Oneness: The Foundation of Good Quaker Business Method

Hay, Hope

The Quakers

Heeks, Peggy

Reaching to Community

Heron, Alastair

Caring Conviction Commitment

Heron, Alastair

Charity, Liberty , Unity: A Quaker Search for Essentials

Heron, Alastair

Gifts and Ministries

Heron, Alastair

Now we are Quakers

Heron, Alastair

On Being a Quaker

Heron, Alastair

Our Quaker Identity

Heron, Alastair

Quaker Speak

Heron, Alastair

The Future of British Quakers

Heron, Alastair, et al

The State of the Yearly Meeting

Hilken, Richard

Reason, Faith and Experience

Hirst, M E

The Quakers in Peace and War

Hodges, David

George Fox and the Healing Ministry

Hodgkin, David

Quakerism - A Mature Religion for Today

Hosking, Anne & Sharman, Alison

Quakers in the Eighties: What it's Like to be a Friend

Hubbard, Geoffrey

Quaker by Convincement

Kavanagh, Jennifer (ed.)

New Light

Kelly, Thomas

Reality of the Spiritual World [and] The Gathered Meeting

Larrabee, Margery Mears

Spirit-Led Eldering

Lewis, Brian & Wilsher, Barry (ed.)

Voices from Woodbrooke

London Yearly Meeting

Christian Faith and Practice in the Experience of the Society of Friends

Loukes, H

The Quaker Contribution

Mace, Jane

God and Decision-Making

Marsden, Lorna M

A Discipline of Waiting

Milligan, Edward H

Quaker Marriage

Newcastle upon Tyne Preparative Meeting

Getting Hearts and Minds Prepared

Newcastle upon Tyne Preparative Meeting

Hearts and Minds Prepared

Newcastle upon Tyne Preparative Meeting

What Do You Do in Meeting for Worship

O'Shea, Ursula Jane

Living the Way: Quaker Spirituality and Community

Penn, William

The Peace of Europe , The Fruits of Solitude and Other Writings

Philpott, Tony

From Christian to Quaker

Pink Dandelion

An Introduction to Quakerism

Pink Dandelion

The Liturgies of Quakerism

Pink Dandelion

The Quakers: A Very Short Introduction

Pink Dandelion & Collins, Peter (ed.)

The Quaker Condition: The Sociology of a Liberal Religion

Pink Dandelion (ed.)

The Creation of Quaker Theory: Insider Perspectives

Pointing, Horace B

A Brief Dictionary of Quakerism

Priestland, Gerald

Coming Home

Punshon, John

Encounter with Silence

Pym, Jim

Listening to the Light

Quaker Home Service

Meet the Quakers

Quaker Peace & Social Witness

Engaging with the Quaker Testimonies: A toolkit

Quaker Quest

Twelve Quakers and Equality

Quaker Quest

Twelve Quakers and Evil

Quaker Quest

Twelve Quakers and Faith

Quaker Quest

Twelve Quakers and God

Quaker Quest

Twelve Quakers and Jesus

Quaker Quest

Twelve Quakers and Pacifism

Quaker Quest

Twelve Quakers and Simplicity

Quaker Quest

Twelve Quakers and Worship

Quakers & Business Group

Good Business Ethics at Work

Randall, Stuart (ed)

Meeting Needs

Routledge, Jenny

Living Eldership

Scott, Richenda C

A Quaker Interpretation of Experience

Sessions, W H

Laughter in Quaker Grey

Sharman, Cecil W

Servant of the Meeting: Quaker Business Meetings and their Clerks

Sharman, Cecil W (ed.)

No More But My Love: Letters of George Fox

Sheeran, Michael J

Beyond Majority Rule

Steere, Douglas V

On Being Present Where You Are

Stephenson, Roy

Freeing the Spirit: Nominations in the Society of Friends in Theory and Practice

Sutcliffe, Sylvia & Sutcliffe, Barry

Committed to Quakerism

Taber, William

Four Doors to Meeting for Worship

The Leaveners

Sing in the Spirit

Vipont Foulds, Elfrida

Let Your Lives Speak

Vipont Foulds, Elfrida

The Candle of the Lord

Vipont, Elfrida

The Story of Quakerism

Wall, Ginny

Becoming Friends: Living & Learning with Quakers [study pack]

Wallis, Jack H

Findings: An Enquiry into Quaker Religious Experience

Wallis, Jack H

Jung and the Quaker Way

Harold D. Weaver Jr. et al. (ed.)

Black Fire

Welton, John

A Vulnerable Victim?

Williams, Patricia A.

Quakerism: A Theology for our Time

Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

Advices and Queries

Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

Advices and Queries

Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (NZ)

Quaker Faith and Practice in Aotearoa, New Zealand