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Library Catalogue - Subject - Prayer

Bell , Ruth W & Hosking, Ann (ed.)

An Exercise of the Spirit

Bloom, Anthony

School for Prayer

Brayshaw, W Maude

Prayer in Quaker Thought and Practice

Coghlan Rees T

Thoughts on the Lord's Prayer

Ecclestone, Alan

Yes to God

Fitzherbert Fox, Selena

A Chain of Prayer Across the Ages

Gibbins, Margaret S

Prayer and Worship

Greene, Barbara & Gollancz, Victor

God of a Hundred Names

Hobday, Teresa

Rediscovering Prayer

Hollings, Michael

Day by Day

Hollings, Michael & Gullick, Etta

The One who Listens

Holmgaard, Elizabeth

"Be Still and Know that I am God": Thoughts on Prayer

Lester, Muriel

Praying: How, When, Where, and Why

Llewelyn, Robert (arr.)

An Oratory of the Heart

Ramsey, Michael

Be Still and Know

Rhymes, Douglas

Prayer in the Secular City

Skinner, John

Hear Our Silence: A Journey into Prayer

Slack, Kenneth

Praying the Lord's Prayer Today

Steere, Douglas V

Dimensions of Prayer

Weatherhead, Leslie D

A Private House of Prayer

Wendy, Sister & Webster, Alan

Julian of Norwich

Williams, H A

Becoming What I Am

Williams, Rowan & Wendy, Sister

Living the Lord's Prayer

Wood, Phyllis Taunton

Prayer: A Progress