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Library Catalogue - Subject - Peace Studies

Alexander, Horace G A

The Growth of the Peace Testimony of the Society of Friends

Bell , R G

Alternative to War

Bharadwaj, A B

Living Non-Violence

Boulton, David

Objection Overruled

Bryan, Alex

"Bloody Conchie...!"

Cadoux, Cecil John

Christian Pacifism Re-examined

Catchpool, T Corder

Letters of a Prisoner for Conscience Sake

Committee on Eldership & Oversight

Conflict in Meetings

Cornelius, H & Faire, S

Everyone Can Win

Curle, Adam

Another Way

Curle, Adam

The Fragile Voice of Love

Dale, Rowland, et al

The Quaker Peace Testimony Today

Evens, Tim (ed.)

Standing Up To Be Counted

Ferguson, John

The Politics of Love

Fisher, R & Ury, Wm

Getting to Yes

Friends Peace & International Relations Committee

Violence & Oppression: A Quaker Response

Fry, Ruth A

Victories without Violence

Gee, David

Holding Faith: Creating Peace in a Violent World

Hoover , Sharon (ed.)

Quakers and the Search for Peace

Huxley, Aldous

Ends and Means

Huxley, Aldous (ed.)

An Encyclopaedia of Pacifism

Jackson, Hildur

Creating Harmony

Jones, Lynne (ed.)

Keeping the Peace

Kumar, Satish

The Buddha and the Terrorist: The Story of Angulimala

Kurlansky, Mark


Leimdorfer, Tom

Once Upon a Conflict

Lonsdale, David

Peace in the Power and the Light

MacGregor, G H C

The New Testament Basis of Pacifism

MacGregor, G H C

The Relevance of an Impossible Ideal

Middleton Murry, J

The Pledge of Peace

Morley, Barry

Beyond Consensus

Northern Friends Peace Board

The Peace Papers

Peace Pilgrim

Peace Pilgrim

Priestland, Gerald

The Future of Violence

Russell, Bertrand

Has Man a Future?

Schweitzer, Albert

The Problem of Peace in the World of Today

Thompson, E P & Smith, Dan (ed.)

Protest and Survive

United Reform Church

Non-Violent Action

Williams, Sue & Williams, Steve

Being in the Middle By Being at the Edge

Woodrow, Peter

Clearness: Processes for Supporting Individuals and Groups in Decision-Making