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Library Catalogue - Subject - Mysticism

Davies, Oliver

God Within

Davies, Oliver (trans.)

Meister Eckhart: Selected Writings

Grant, Patrick

A Dazzling Darkness

Green, Deirdre

Gold in the Crucible: Teresa of Avila and the Western Mystical Tradition

Hetherington, Ralph (ed.)

Readings for Universalists

Johnston, William

The Inner Eye of Love

Julian of Norwich

Revelations of Divine Love

Maitland, Sara

A Book of Silence

O'Neal, David (ed.)

Meister Eckhart, From Whom God Hid Nothing: Sermons, Writings and Sayings

Reynolds, Anna Maria (ed.)

A Shewing of God's Love: Julian of Norwich

Richards, Gerald

On Being Incarnate

Steiner, Rudolf

Christianity as Mystical Fact

Yungblut, John

Quakerism of the Future

Yungblut, John

Speaking as One Friend to Another