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Library Catalogue - Subject - Healing

Barnes, Kenneth

The Involved Man

Blythe, Ronald

The View in Winter

Cairns, Elizabeth (ed.)

Singing in Tune with Time

Clark, David & Clark, Sarah

The Dark Uncertainty

Ericsson, Stephanie

Companion Through the Darkness

Fawell, Ruth

Courage to Grow

Fawell, Ruth

Facing Old Age with Courage

Fawell, Ruth M

Growing Old in a Changing World

Fitch, Joan

Handicap and Bereavement: A Personal Path

Harris, Joanna

The Healing Power of Laughter

Jacobs, Michael

Swift to Hear

Jeremiah, Margaret

Alone with Dementia

Lampen, Diana

Accepting Death

Lampen, Diana

Facing Death

MacLeod, G F

The Place of Healing in the Ministry of the Church

Mooney, Bel

Perspectives for Living

Parks , Tim

Teach Us to Sit Still

Priestman, Rosalind

Listening to One Another

Pym, Jim

What Kind of God, What Kind of Healing

Scott-Peck, M

A World Waiting to be Born

Weatherhead, Leslie

Prescription for Anxiety

Webb, Dorothy

More Than Conquerors

White, Zoe

A Quaker Theology of Pastoral Care

Williams, H A

Tensions: Necessary Conflicts in Life and Love

Wilson, Colin


Wilson, Ian


Woods, Peter

Diary of a Grief