Aylsham Local Meeting

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Anderson , Verily

Friends and Relations

Armstrong, Karen

The Great Transformation: The World in the time of Buddha, Socrates, Confucius and Jeremiah

Arthur, Max

Forgotten Voices of the Great War

Arveschoug, Gwynaeth E

A Short History of Quakerism in Kings Lynn and North West Norfolk

Atkinson, James

Martin Luther and the Birth of Protestantism

Aylsham Quaker Meeting

Aylsham Friends Meeting House: Friends' Memories

Aylsham Quaker Meeting

Aylsham Friends Meeting House: Friends' Memories

Aylsham Quaker Meeting

Aylsham Friends Meeting House: Friends' Memories (large print version)

Barlow, F Ralph

Woodbrooke 1953-78

Barton, David A

Discovering Chapels and Meeting Houses

Bauman, Richard

Let Your Words Be Few

Berry, Thomas

The Great Work

Bettenson, Henry

Documents of the Christian Church

Bevan, Edwyn


Bird, Yvonne (ed.)

A Quaker Family in India and Zanzibar 1863-1865

Boulton, David

Who on Earth was Jesus?

Bryan, Alex

Healing the Wounds

Butler, David M

The Quaker Meeting Houses of Britain : Vol I. Bedfordshire to Northumberland

Butler, David M

The Quaker Meeting Houses of Britain : Vol II. Nottingham to Scotland

Cadbury, Deborah

Chocolate Wars

Catchpool, T Corder

On Two Fronts

Cherry, Charles L

A Quiet Haven

Davies, Stevie

Unbridled Spirits

de Hartog, Jan

The Peaceable Kingdom: Book 1, The Children of the Light, 1652-1653

de Hartog, Jan

The Peaceable Kingdom: Book 2, The Holy Experiment, 1754-1755

Debbage, Sue & Arrowsmith, Deb

Gildencroft: Let Their Lives Speak

Dobbs, Jack P

Authority and the Early Quakers

Eddington, A J

Early Quakerism in Norwich

Forster, Margaret

Rich Desserts and Captain's Thin

Garman, Mary et al (ed.)

Hidden in Plain Sight

Greenwood , Ormerod

The Quaker Tapestry

Hawkins, Brian

Taming the Phoenix : Cirencester & the Quakers 1642-1686

Healey, F G

Rooted in Faith

Heron, Alastair

Quakers in Britain : A Century of Change 1895-1995

Heron, Alastair

The British Quakers 1647 - 1997

Hill, Christopher

The World Turned Upside Down: Radical Ideas during the English Revolution

Hill , Geoffrey

The Worsdells

Isichei, Elizabeth

Victorian Quakers

Kriwaczek, Paul

In Search of Zarathustra

Kennedy, Thomas C

British Quakerism 1860-1920

Kenyon, Kathleen

Digging up Jericho

Larson, Rebecca

Daughters of Light

Levin, Jennie

Living Threads: Making the Quaker Tapestry

Lidbetter, Hubert

The Friends Meeting House

Lonsdale, Kathleen (ed.)

Quakers Visit Russia

Milligan, Edward H

Britannica on Quakerism

Milligan, Edward H

Quakers and Railways

Moore, Rosemary

The Light in their Consciences - Early Quakers in Britain 1646-1666

Nichols, Ann

The Golden Age of Quaker Botanists

Nichols, James

The Meaning of Protestantism

Nimmo, Dorothy

A Testimony to the Grace of God as Shown in the Life of James Nayler

Pickvance, Joseph

George Fox and the Purefeys

Pumphrey, John

About Aylsham

Punshon, John

Portrait in Grey

Quaker Tapestry at Kendal

Pictorial Guide to the Quaker Tapestry

Raistrick, Arthur

Dynasty of Ironfounders

Raistrick, Arthur

Quakers in Science and Industry

Sharman, Cecil W

George Fox and the Quakers

Simpson, Margaret (ed.)

The Quaker Tapestry Guide

Southall, K H

Our Quaker Heritage: Early Meeting Houses

Sox, David

Quaker Plant Hunters

Trevett, Christine (ed.)

Womens Speaking Justified

van Melzen, Christina et al

Three Centuries of Quakers in Diss

Vidler, Alec R

The Church in an Age of Revolution

Vipont Foulds, Elfrida

The Birthplace of Quakerism

Vipont, Elfrida

George Fox and the Valiant Sixty

Walvin, James

The Quakers: Money and Morals

Warner, Horace

Spitalfields Nippers

Watling, L et al

Quaker Footprints

Wilson, Ian

Jesus - The Evidence

Wynn-Wilson, Anne

Quakers in Stitches